Lollipod "Tripod" has Potential Nimbleosity


The inventors at Lollipod have created what they call a "Tripod / Monopod / Boom / Lighting & Selfie Stand" that is quite compact. It will stabilize a device up to 420 grams and pack neatly in a shoulder bag or hang from your belt.

Here are the basic specifications:

  • Super Light at only 320 grams (11.3 ounces).
  • Maximum Load Capacity 420 grams.
  • Closed Length - 320 mm (12.6") It should fit longways in the Walking Man Shoulder Bag.
  • Maximum Height - 1130 mm (44").
  • Locking Ball Head with Camera Mounting Screw.
  • Multi Device Compatible (adaptor required).

So I'm going to try one for the team here. I ordered a Minty Green Lollipod that cost me $64.74 US (price includes $14.62 for shipping) after British Pound conversion. Once I have it in hand, I'll let you know how it fares in testing. More to come.

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