"Lightroom 5.3, Mobile Backup with Loom, Car Shade" - Digital Photography Podcast 406

This week on The Digital Story photography podcast: Lightroom 5.3 Goodies, especially for those with new cameras; Nimbleosity Report - Automated Backup of Your Mobile Photos with Loom; Photo Help Desk: Car Windshield Shade Portrait Reflector - All of this and more on today's show with Derrick Story.

Story #1 - Photographers who have upgraded to the Olympus OM-D E-M1, Olympus Stylus 1, Nikon Df, or Pentax K-3 should be interested in the latest Lightroom update, version 5.3. Not only is there Raw support for these cameras, Adobe has also added:

  • Tethered capture for Canon EOS Rebel T4i / EOS 650D / EOS Kiss X6i
  • New Lens Profile Support for 19 new lenses, including a boatload of Sony glass
  • Added Camera Matching color profiles (Natural, Muted, Portrait, Vivid) for Olympus cameras


Plus lots and lots of bug fixes. I talk about this substantial update in today's top story. (More information about the Lightroom 5.3 release is here).

Story #2 - On the Nimbleosity Report - Automated Backup of Your Mobile Photos with Loom. Now that Everpix is just a fond memory, I needed to find a robust backup solution for my iPhone and iPad pictures. I've been testing Loom, and I think it has potential.

One of Loom's most appealing features is the ability to create albums and move pictures into them. This really helps with organization. You can even create nested albums, but the procedure gets a bit more tricky doing this.

The Mac and iOS apps seem solid, you get 5GBs of storage for free, and you can increase your allotment to 50GBs for $3.99 a month or 250GBs for $9.99 a month. If you pay yearly, you can save: $39.99 and $99.99 respectively.

I think it's important to begin 2014 with a solid mobile backup solution, and I discuss the potential with Loom in the second segment.

Story #3 - From the Photo Help Desk: Car Windshield Shade Portrait Reflector. We might not always have our disc reflectors on us, but chances are you have a windshield shade in your car. Here's how it can save the day for a portrait shoot.

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