Creative Discipline with Daily Instagram Posts

One of the things I like about Instagram, is that it's a great vehicle for building creative discipline. My goal is to post five new images a week. And by doing so, I've become a more interesting photographer.

Old Fence "Old Fence" - Photos by Derrick Story

On one hand, I look at a lot of Instagram shots. There are so many different approaches. Some photographers focus on images of themselves, while others have favorite subjects outside of the mirror. Many contributors just want to do something different.

Taking all of this in inspires me to shoot outside of my comfort zone, experimenting with unique capture techniques or post production effects.

The Grapevine The Grapevine

But there's also something to the commitment of posting regularly. It's like writing everyday. The more I do it, the easier it becomes to create something new. Some photographers post a couple times a day. I think finding your personal frequency is important. But once you do, stick to it.

My Sister's 1965 VW Bus My Sister's 1965 VW Bus

Instagram has certainly had its share of controversy. And for some, it just isn't a good fit. But for me, it's been the first photo dairy that I've actually stuck with. I'm enjoying both the images by others, and the challenge to create new content day after day.

Join me on my Instagram site as I explore the world of mobile photography. And now Instagram features 15-second movies too.

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