5 Tips for Framing Your Prints

Adding mattes and frames to your prints provide the finishing touches. Here are five tips to keep in mind while preparing for this project.

Print Light Table

  • Buy frames and mattes that fit your output. For example, I like to create 13"x19" prints, so I buy frames and precut mattes to fit those dimensions. This saves time and makes the process much more pleasurable.
  • Clear off a large table and cover it with large towels. This provides you with a big work area that's frame and glass friendly.
  • Find your bulb blower and a lint free cloth. These are handy for wiping down the glass, blowing off paper particles, and keeping all the components smudge and dust free.
  • Print more than you need. When it's time to start framing, you want the freedom to design groupings. Plus, if you make a mistake with a print, it's good to know you have another at hand.
  • Keep your eyes peeled for frame and matte sales. Buy these items when they are affordable and stash them for when you're ready to work.

Hanging your art on the wall is wildly satisfying. Handsone frames and mattes make your pieces look even more impressive.

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