My Favorite Mac of All Time

The iMac DV Special Edition was my first race car. When I bought this Macintosh in 1999, I felt like I had the sexist machine on the planet.

iMac DV Special Edition

Not only was it beautiful to look at, and still is, it packed a 400MHz processor, a full megabyte of L2 cache, and a Rage 128 graphics chip. I used this machine to design my first web sites and make the transition to the online world.

iMac DV 1999

The iMac DV still runs to this day. The internal hard drive died years ago. So now I boot it from a 6 GB FireWire external drive. As you see in the above photo, the iMac is logged on to my studio network and browsing the Web via Safari. It's running Mac OS X 10.4.

What's Your Favorite Mac of All Time?

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