Of All the Booths, Samsung's Is the Most Insane

CES is an over-the-top event to begin with. It dominates Las Vegas, jams the monorail, and creates lines at every turn. But if you really want to witness a sea of technology humanity, go to the Samsung booth in the Central Hall.

Samsung Booth Entrance CES 2014 Samsung Booth Entrance CES 2014 - Photo by Derrick Story

In part, the enthusiasm is generated by the sheer variety of technological items offered by Samsung. Mobile devices, cameras, laptops, TVs, and on and on are displayed with flare and precision. Plus, Samsung is on a roll. And it's clear they intend to keep it going.

Booth Pano, Samsung CES 2014

Between my meeting with their PR folks, and my own personal exploration, I probably spent close to an hour in the Samsung area today. How many trade show booths can you say that about?

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