Thank Goodness for Camera WiFi


It seems like it should work. But if you plug the Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader into your iPhone, all you get is a not supported message. Ack!

When I'm in super-nimble mode, I don't even want to bring my iPad (which of course does support the SD card reader). I just want a compact camera in one pocket and my iPhone in the other.

This is where camera WiFi saves the day. No adapters required. Today, I'm heading out with a Canon PowerShot S110 that connects to my iPhone 5S wireless via the Canon CW iOS app. And boom! I can quickly move images from one device to the other.

Personally, I would prefer it if Apple opened up the iPhone to use the SD Card Reader. It's always good to have a hardwire backup. Until then, thank goodness for camera WiFi.

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