5 Additional Tips for Photographing Events

Photography Talk posted a good article titled, How to Photograph Big Events. There are some solid talking points in there worth reviewing if you have a shoot on the horizon.

balloon_classic_ IMG_2176.jpg

A few things that I would add or reinforce include:

  • Mirrorless cameras will lighten your load and help you blend in if you're not shooting with a media pass.
  • Be conservative and considerate when considering photographing a child. You may have a momma bear nearby who doesn't appreciate using her cub as a photo subject.
  • I think shoulder bags are better than backpacks for crowded events.
  • Bring your own food and water. You don't want to waste time standing in long concession lines for a greasy burger or to stay hydrated.
  • Bring model releases and use them for shots that you think might be valuable up the road.

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