How to Manage RAW+Jpeg Pairs in Aperture

One of the reasons why I often shoot RAW+Jpeg is to take advantage of in-camera effects or film simulation modes. The images with effects are saved as Jpegs. The master files are in the RAW format. By capturing those RAW files too, I have fully editable images to further experiment with further if I wish, especially if I don't like the way the Jpegs turned out.

00-both-versions.jpg Both images captured at the same time with a Fujifilm X20 compact camera. Picture on the left is the RAW file, and on the right is a B&W recorded using Fujifilm's Film Simulation mode. By shooting RAW+Jpeg, I get both files. Photos by Derrick Story.

When it's time to upload these files to Aperture, I choose "Both - Separate Originals" for my RAW+Jpeg pairs. I *do not* recommend using the other Pairs settings because the files get linked together. This proves to be a problem up the road.

01-import-as-separates.jpg Import as "Both - Separate Originals". Don't be fooled that the RAW files are B&W at this point. Aperture is just reading the embedded Jpegs.

Once the files are in my Aperture library, I select Auto Stack (Stacks > Auto Stack) and set the timing to 0:01. This creates a pairing for each of my compositions - one Jpeg with one Raw.

If I want to tidy up the library, I can Close All Stacks (Stacks > Close All Stacks), and I only see one version of each pair. You even have control over which version by using the Pick command.

03-both-raws-and-jpegs.jpg Jpegs and RAWs now side by side in Stack mode.

By using this technique, I'm more willing to experiment with the interesting effects included in my camera because I will always have the RAW file too. Use this technique to explore the unique features of your camera.

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