olloclip's Pro-Photo Adapter for Tripod Mounting Your iPhone


The olloclip Quick-Flip Case + Pro-Photo Adapter design has its pros and cons. On the negative side, it doesn't offer much protection against drops. The hard plastic shell is thin and feels a little slippery. And the $48 price tag seems a bit high compared to the competition.

But there is a plus side to this rig, and that's the Pro-Photo Adapter that's included with the case. As it turns out, even though I like the convenience of using olloclip lenses with the flip function of the case, it's been the tripod adapter that I've found most useful. It's actually the real reason I still have the olloclip case on my iPhone.


I like the Pro-Photo Adapter because it takes up very little room in my pocket or bag, is super light, has two threaded sockets to make vertical and horizontal orientations easy, includes a "cold shoe" adapter, and it mounts in seconds.

Because it has a fairly low profile, there are days when I just leave it on (especially if I plan on shooting a lot.)

The Bottom Line

If you shoot often with olloclip lenses and want an easy way to attach your iPhone to a tripod, the olloclip Quick-Flip Case + Pro-Photo Adapter is worth consideration. Personally, I think you'll also need a more robust case for when you're not in photography mode. And I do think the price is a bit high for the Quick-Flip Case.

But I do like that tripod adapter...

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