Screenflick - $29 Movie Making for Your Mac

As creative people, we do so many interesting things on our Macs. If you want an easy and affordable way to capture that activity and share it with others, you may want to investigate Screenflick.


With this application, I can record any activity on my Mac, both visual and audio, then share it in a variety of formats, including QuickTime movies, Flash f4v, and resolutions tailored specifically for iOS devices. I can record a master movie, then export it in a variety of resolutions for different uses.

I can also record time lapse movies, watermark my output, or just capture a portion of the screen. And the best part of all, is that Screenflick renders fast, very fast. So I don't spend a lot of time waiting between recording sessions.

I've used Screenflick professionally. But for only $29, I'd buy it for my fun, creative projects too. You can test Screenflick for free. If you have a project in mind, you may want to take a closer look.

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