Olympus 9mm Fisheye Body Cap Lens - Big Creativity in Small Package


Nothing shakes up a composition like a fisheye lens. And for Micro Four Thirds shooters, the Olympus 9mm Fisheye Body Cap lens ($99) is an affordable way to have some real fun.

First of all, it's really about the size of a standard camera body cap. So you don't need much room in your camera bag to add this dash of spice. I've been using the Olympus 15mm Body Cap lens ($49) on a PEN E-PM2 body ($323) as a super compact backup camera. And it's been truly handy (and very compact).

But the 9mm is more than just an emergency lens. It has two aspherical elements, 140 degree field of view, and three manual focus settings (including a close-up mode that allows you to shoot at 7.9").

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There's no AF, and no lens communication with the camera. I shoot in Aperture Priority mode (using the f/8 constant aperture). There's also no lens metadata sent with the picture, although I doubt you'll forget which lens you used when you look at the image.

Personally, I really like high-value tools that bring something unique to my camera bag. And when I'm in the mood for fun fisheye effect, I know I'll always have this little gem with me.

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The 9mm fisheye lens has a high Nimbleosity Rating. What does that mean? You can learn about Nimbleosity and more by visiting TheNimblePhotographer.com.

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