My B&W Workflow with the Fujifilm X-20 and Aperture 3


I carry the Fujifilm X-20 compact in my camera bag, set to RAW+Jpeg with the Film Simulation mode on B&W with yellow filter. Why?

By doing so, I'm always set to shoot B&W. The monochrome images look great on the LCD when I frame the shot, and while reviewing the images too. I use the X-20 for this because Fujifilm really has film simulation down to a science.

As a safety net, I'm capturing Raw too. When I import the images into Aperture, I enable Raw+Jpeg Pairs (in the import dialog box), then select: "Both (Separate Originals)." By doing so, I get all of those wonderful monochrome Jpegs plus the master Raw files. I tend to separate them into their respective albums.

I typically use the B&Ws going forward. But if I need those Raw files, it's good to have 'em.

Aperture Tips and Techniques

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