The $41 Olympus LG-1 LED Macro Ring Light

Here's a clever idea that I read about on Engadget. It's a macro ring light that you can use topside or underwater that fits over the front of any of the Olympus TG cameras (TG-1, TG-2, and TG-3).

olympus-lg1-on-camera.jpg Photo by

The Olympus LG-1 LED Macro Ring Light channels the camera's LED illuminator into a round, even light source perfect for close-ups and macro photography. So you don't have extra batteries to worry about or concern underwater about using a supplemental light source for close-up shots.

There are a number of sample pictures with this accessory over at the Engadget article. So you might want to take a look. I'm hoping that it arrives before my trip to Maui in July. If so, I'll report back on my experience with it.

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