"Canon G1X Mark II, BW Printing, Fuji XT1" - Photo Podcast 427


This week on The Digital Story photography podcast: Canon G1X Mark II, B&W Printing Tips; Fujifilm XT1 Sharpness, To Watermark or Not? - All of this and more on today's show with Derrick Story.

Story #1 - The Weekly Update: Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark II Review (Source DP Review)

In other news, Is the Fuji X-T1 the sharpest APS-C camera out there? You be the judge: Image comparison tables posted on Imaging-Resource.com.

And finally, Cactus V6 Trigger is Capable of Being Used with Almost Any Flash System. (Source: Petapixel)

Story #2 - B&W Printing Tips - Have you seen Red River Paper's Best Inkjet Photo Papers for Black & White Printing that includes a downloadable "basics" guide? This page covers "the best" papers for the task and breaks them up by warm and cool tone. That segmentation resonates with older customers who remember buying darkroom paper that was either warm or cool. It also gives people a mental image of how paper contributes to the end result.

Story #3 - The Nimbleosity Report: "To Watermark or Not?" Photographer Sean Duggan wrote on The Nimble Photographer: "I favor a very small, subtle watermark in one of the lower corners of the mage (or sometimes along a vertical side...also in a corner) that has a lower opacity. I want it to be visible and legible, but not get in the way of the image. It's there to help honest people track the image back to me if they want to use it for anything. I can't worry about those who would crop it off or retouch it out of the image. But it's so easy for web images to become 'orphaned' and disconnected from their original posting context, as well as having embedded metadata stripped out, that a subtle watermark is important." I think he makes a great point.

Story #4 - From the Screening Room - iMovie 10.0.2 Essential Training with Garrick Chow. iMovie is sometimes overshadowed by Final Cut Pro X. But it can produce professional results easily. And Garrick is an excellent trainer.

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Photo Assignment for May 2014 is "Around the House".

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