Clever Lost Photos App Uncovers Snapshot Gems

Over the years, we don't realize that one of our best picture archives is our email account. Numerous images are sent and received, and are still available... if there was only an easy way to retrieve them.

The Mac app, Lost Photos does exactly that. It's like a time machine for imagery. And the best part is that it's on $2.99.


You can download Lost Photos from the Mac App Store for free and give it a spin. Just point it to one of your email accounts, and it will retrieve images that you've forgotten you have, and place them all in a folder.

If you go past the 100 mark, it will prompt you to upgrade to the unlimited version for $2.99. From this point on, you can merrily take a trip back in time with each of your email accounts.

After Lost Photos has gathered all of your pictures, it will move them to iPhoto if you wish. Or you can leave them in the organized folders. Either way, I'm sure you'll discover many snapshot gems that you had forgotten about.

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