The Hasselnuts iPhone Adapter for My Hasselblad 500C


My 30-year-old Hasselblad hasn't seen much action over the last decade. That's changing now thanks to the Hasselnuts iPhone Digital Back that I received recently as part of my support for their Kickstarter project.

With the adapter, I can attach an iPhone 4S, 5, or 5S to the handsome "film back" (that's really the adapter) and capture images that I call, "half Holga/half Polaroid transfer." I talk about the setup process in my latest article for c't Digital Photography Magazine, Hasselnuts iPhone Digital Back for Older Hasselblads. I've also included a gallery of images captured with my 500C, Zeiss 80mm lens, and an iPhone 4S.

Here's a couple shots from that gallery to whet your appetite...

Bed in Boarding House Bed in Boarding House - This existing light shot was captured at f/2.8 using the waist-level finder for a low angle. Photos by Derrick Story

Silver Maple Motel - Bridgeport I took the Hasselblad out for a late afternoon walk around Bridgeport, CA. I noticed that I was working at a more relaxed pace than normally.

These types of images are not for everyone, for sure. But I'm going to make some prints on Red River Polar Matte paper. I think they'll have that Polaroid transfer feel that I enjoy.

If you want to learn more about the Hasselnuts adapter, take a look at my article. In the meantime, I'm going to keep experimenting with it.

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