Free Surface Pro 3s, PhotoPlus Preview, Tethered Shooting" - Podcast 448

This week on The Digital Story Photography Podcast: Free Surface Pro 3s at Adobe Max, PhotoPlus Expo Preview, Tethered Photography, 2015 TDS Photography Workshop Season - All of this and more on today's show with Derrick Story.

Story #1 - Adobe rolls out CC update with new desktop and mobile tools - Adobe has announced updates to several of its mobile and desktop software applications, just in time to kick off the company's Adobe Max conference. But Microsoft stole the spotlight giving out free Surface Pro 3s to the audience. What's going on here? I talk about it in the Weekly Update. (Source: DP Review).

In other news, Rent, love, keep: LensRentals launches try-before-you-buy program - Starting immediately, most of the lenses that LensRentals provides can be purchased outright if you decide you like them. (Only hard-to-source optics which the company couldn't easily replace in time for delivery to subsequent renters are excluded.) and better still, the rental fee you paid to try the lens in the first place can be put towards the cost of the lens, which will vary depending on the age of the individual item. (Source:

And finally, Mark Your Calendars: The Next Blood Moon Will Take Place Wednesday, October 8th - For North American viewers, the lunar eclipse will begin shortly after midnight between October 7th and 8th; those in Australia and most of Eastern Asia will see it after sunset on the evening of October 8th. Unfortunately, those living in Europe and Africa will be missing out on this particular astronomical phenomenon. (Source:


Story #2 - Tethered Photography - If you've never tried it, essentially you connect your camera to a computer, enabling you to fine tune the composition on a large HD screen instead of a tiny LCD. You can adjust settings, focus, and trip the shutter with controls on the laptop. The big advantage is that there are no surprises when it comes time to edit the photos. You can read more about tethered shooting here.

Story #3 - PhotoPlus Preview - One of the best US photography shows is right around the corner. PhotoPlus Expo at Javits Convention Center in New York opens its doors for conference sessions on Oct. 29, with the Expo kicking in the next day, Oct. 30th.

I'm going to be there, reporting for c't Digital Photography Magazine and speaking in their booth (#6 across from Epson and Nikon) on Thursday and Friday at 1pm, and Saturday at 12pm. Come by the booth for a visit, and I'll have a gift for you from Nimble Photographer Store. More about PhotoPlus in the third segment of today's show.

Story #4 - I've just announced the events for the 2015 TDS Workshop Season. Four enticing opportunities including stops in Bodie, San Francisco, and Sonoma County.

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