Transporter Versioning Can Work on Photos Too


If you've set up personal cloud storage with a Transporter, then you should make sure you're running the Desktop 2.7 software that supports versions.

I decided to test this function with an image that was automatically backed up from my iPhone to my Transporter Sync ($99). I opened a color image, converted it to B&W in Photoshop, saved it, then looked to see if the original color version was still available on my Transporter.


Once the file had synced, I right-clicked on it on my Mac to reveal the Show Versions option. To my delight, the original color image was available.


I selected the color version and then Transporter "took my back in time" and made the original available. Interestingly enough, when I edited a photo in Preview instead of Photoshop, versioning did not work. So you'll need to test with your specific software.

Cool Little Workflow

For quick-turnaround publishing online, I can capture a photo with my iPhone, edit it in Photoshop on my Mac, and post on a blog, knowing that the original version is still available if I need to revert. Plus, every photo I take is automatically backed up to my own personal cloud. Pretty slick.

You can learn more about versioning with Desktop 2.7 by reading the article, How to revert or undelete a file on your Transporter.

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