Was 2014 the Year of Mobile Web Browsing?


iPhones, iPads, Galaxy Notes - they certainly grabbed their share of headlines in 2014. To some degree, it feels as though the technology world has gone completely mobile. Who needs a laptop when you can carry an iPhone 6 Plus in your pocket?

But a funny thing happened on the way to the Cloud: computers are alive and kicking. I researched the yearly statistics for The Nimble Photographer, a site built for mobility, both in terms of subject matter and design. TNP is just as consumable on an iPhone 5S as it is on a Windows 7 desktop computer. Plus, all we really talk about there is going places, and how to best prepare for that.

The Nimble Photographer audience may be traversing the planet, but they seem to be planning their escapes on a computer. Here are the stats for 2014.

Top 5 Operating Systems for The Nimble Photographer

  1. Mac OS X - 58%
  2. Windows 7 - 17%
  3. iOS - 12%
  4. Android - 5%
  5. Windows 8 - 3%

Top 5 Browsers for The Nimble Photographer

  1. Safari - 53%
  2. Chrome - 22%
  3. KHTML - 11%
  4. Firefox - 9%
  5. Internet Explorer - 1%

Certainly there's plenty of online activity with mobile devices. But 2014 will not be the year we pronounce the death of traditional computers.

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