"5 Tips for a Productive 2015, Say Ello, Windows Phone 8.1" - Podcast 460

This week on The Digital Story Photography Podcast: - 5 Tips for a Productive 2015, Ello, I'm Here! Windows Phone 8.1 Adventure - All of this and more on today's show with Derrick Story.

Snapshot - Holiday Group Shots - We gathered, we ate, we laughed, and then we took a group shot.

Weekly Update - Nikon D750 flare problems? Here's why and what to do about them. (It's not your lens.) - Some number of D750 bodies have a problem with internal reflections -- it's not lens flare -- from the autofocus sensor that lead to strong flare and "shadow bands" appearing in the image. Source: Imaging Resource.

Also this week... Hackers Find that Fingerprints Can Be Stolen Through Public Photos - As the quality of cameras becomes better and better, there's a new security issue emerging that you may have not thought about: fingerprints being stolen from photos. Hackers are reporting that a person's fingerprints can be reproduced using public photos that show their hand. Source: PetaPixel.


Story #1 - 5 Tips for a Productive 2015 - Each new year brings new opportunities. Are you ready to make the most of 2015?

  • Endeavor at least one new project (or product) each year.
  • Decide (and write down) how success will be measured.
  • Keep a running list of great ideas.
  • Reflect on what worked well, and what did not in 2014.
  • Get your house in order. Do you have the tools and resources lined up to take advantage of new opportunities?

Story #2 - Ello, I'm Here! - After a month of observation and posting, I have to say that I think Ello is interesting. In fact, I bought the T-Shirt... literally. Here's more about it. You can find me on Ello here.

Story #3 - Windows Phone 8.1 Adventure - I was curious about the state of Windows phone operating system, so I bought a Nokia 520 on the cheap so learn more about the state of Microsoft in the mobile universe. I share my report in the third feature story of the day. I've also published two articles: 24 Hours with a Windows 8 Smartphone and Has Windows Phone Come of Age for Photographers?

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Photo Assignment for December 2014 is "Frozen".

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