Should You be Concerned about the Delay?

We recently discovered that "early 2015" really means any time this year. Yes, the Aperture/iPhoto replacement, Photos, has been pushed back to April (at the earliest). Am I concerned?

Just a bit.

I'd certainly feel more comfortable if I knew why. Because knowing what I know about Apple, there are a few possible explanations. And some are certainly more encouraging than others. Let's start with the possible discouraging reasons.


The Possible Bad

At the top of the bummer list is priority, or I should say, lack of it. iPhone sales are booming, and the Apple Watch is waiting in the wings. All hands on deck.

Software? Sure, if it's an operating system, we're all for it. But a productivity app? Not so much.

The big possible bad is too small of a developer team, and lack of engaged coordination with the other groups. I'm hoping with all fingers crossed that this isn't the reason for the new date.

The Possible Good

Apple has always been good at product launches on their own terms. "When it's ready, we'll release it." They don't seem to care about beating the competition to the punch because they're confident they will punch them silly when the public sees Apple's version.

If the development team felt that the V1 release of Photos was a bit too basic, and that it should have more tooth to it, than that would be a good reason for the delay.

First impressions are important. There are a lot of folks hanging on to Aperture and iPhoto anticipating a strong Photos release. I'm one of them.

In the Meantime

Aperture and iPhoto are running just fine on Mac OS X Yosemite. And if you feel like a change, Adobe has created some nice tools to help ease the transition to Lightroom. Plus relative newcomers such as DxO Optics Pro 10 provide excellent tools for image processing. So you have options.

Personally, I'm not in the mood to upset my Apple cart at the moment. I'm too busy. So, let's see what the spring brings.

Aperture Tips and Techniques

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