Hotel Windows

During my Southern California tour, I had a meeting in Los Angeles. I arrived a bit early, so I hopped on the hotel elevator to explore a bit. Sure enough, I discovered a great vantage point with a view of planes coming in to land at LAX.


As with most hotels, I had to shoot through a window. I know some photographers don't like to do this, but I don't mind. I selected my Olympus 45mm f/1.8 prime lens and positioned the camera squarely against the glass. I made sure the area that I was shooting through was clean. Then I used the camera's electronic levels for correct alignment.

Generally speaking, images captured through thick glass lose contrast. Airplane windows are another example of this. But that's easy to restore in post production. Shooting in RAW provides you with a deeper set of image adjustment options.

Not long after I recorded this image, it was time for our meeting. I hadn't planned on taking pictures that afternoon. But thanks to hotel windows, I left the venue with something more than a firm handshake.

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