Look for the Face That's Turned Your Way

Composing an image in a crowd of people is challenge. On one hand, there are lots of different colors and shapes. But I believe that every shot needs some sort of focal point. And in a crowd, it's often the person looking back your way.

riding-the-f-line.jpg "Riding the F Line, San Francisco" by Derrick Story.

This is difficult for some photographers because there are now possibly two people in the mix that know you're taking pictures: you, and the person looking back in your direction.

But the compositions are compelling. While the rest of the world is heading one way, there's a single human that breaks away from the herd. And when that happens, snap the shutter.

children-in-chinatown.jpg "Children in Chinatown" by Derrick Story"

Most of the time, they won't be looking directly at you (although it's great when they do). It's the disruption in the pattern that's important. It's that single yellow flower in a sea of red that breaths life into the image.

So when you're shooting in crowds, look for the person looking back your way. That's usually the shot you'll keep.

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