Snapping Pictures of Our Photos


I just read an interesting post titled, Can't Win for Losing, where the author wrote about an incident that happened to a photographer:

"Rather than ask for a copy of the print, she snapped a picture of the print with her cellphone and posted it on Instagram!"

If you're around teens and young adults, you've probably seen this practice. I remember thinking, "What's he doing?" I've handed my iPad displaying a portrait that I thought they would like, only to have them pull out their iPhone, take a picture of the iPad screen, then post it on their social.

On one level, it's flattering. Obviously the person likes the picture that I've captured of them. On the other hand, it's a bit weird. Making an instant low grade digital version of my photo feels inconsiderate.

There's a pretty good discussion that follows the Online Photographer post. You might be interested in what others have to say. And I'll be sure to put this on our TDS Facebook page if you want to chime in there.

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