Enhance Video Playback with the JBL Micro Speaker

I like to review video on my camera's LCD screen. It's easy, looks good, and gives me a feel for what I have and what I still need to shoot. If only the audio sounded better.

This is especially true when a few people are looking over my shoulder. That tiny built-in speaker on the camera just doesn't cut it. And headphones only work for one. That's why I started packing the JBL Micro Wireless Ultra-Portable Speaker ($39) to enhance my playback experience.


Micro speakers have come a long way recently. Battery life is excellent, usually around 5 hours. You can connect via a built-in audio jack, or Bluetooth, depending on the device you're connecting to. And they sound great.

The JBL is as light as a feather and only 4" wide. It fits anywhere in my gear bag, provides output for my iPhone and iPad wirelessly, and for the Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II when I use the Olympus External Grip HLD-8G that includes a headphone jack.

When I review the footage, I set the camera on a table, position the screen for the best view, and plug the JBL into the headphone jack. Now we all can evaluate both the video and the audio. And when I'm not working, I stream music to the micro speaker that's stashed in the mesh water bottle pocket on the side of my backpack. Pretty slick.

Audio is such an important aspect of movies. The JBL Micro Speaker has made playback on the camera so much more enjoyable.

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