Cycling with the Olympus Air

The toughest part when mixing photography and cycling is fumbling with the gear. Thanks to the new Olympus Air with 14-42mm EZ lens, that problem is solved. Let me show you how it works.

P9040725.jpg Photos by Derrick Story

What I've done is combined a quick-release mount with a photographer's c-clamp and attached them to the handle bars of my bike. Everything is quite secure. I then attach the QR plate to the Olympus Air so I can easily remove the camera from the handle bars as necessary. I need this for both photography composition, and for bike security when I dash into a convenience store.

P9040752.jpg Manfrotto quick release combined with a c-clamp allow me to mount the camera to the handle bars.

The idea isn't to shoot while riding, although I could if something interesting was going on. This setup is more about access. When I see an interesting picture, I can stop and capture it quickly. I can trip the shutter button on the top of the Air immediately, or use my iPhone as a viewfinder and control center.

P9040722.jpg I don't leave the iPhone mounted to the Olympus Air while riding, even though it's pretty secure there. But when I've stopped and am composing shots, I do use the tandem together.

If I need to take a long exposure, I can use the bike as a makeshift tripod and control the camera with the iPhone detached from its back. And if I want to get off the bicycle all together and wander off, then the Air quickly dismounts from the handle bars to do so.

And unlike many compact cameras, I have a high quality Four Thirds, 16 MP sensor with a variety of different lenses to choose from. So image quality is top notch.

I keep the Olympus Air in my bike bag, and have been mounting it on the handlebars before I head out for any ride, even if it's just to run errands. You never know when a great shot will present itself. And now I'm ready for it.

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