Gear Up for High School Senior Portraits


It's that time of year when 17-year-olds all across the country need to schedule a photo shoot for their senior portraits.

You may already have a few appointments on the books. Or maybe you're thinking about adding these shoots to your freelance repertoire. Either way, I have some helpful information to help you prepare.

5 Tips for Shooting High-School Senior Portraits

I just published this post on the lynda Article Center that covers location, wardrobe, lighting, and posing. There are a few things you need to understand about working with teens, and this piece will help.

I Have Movies Too!

Take a look at this video titled, "Shooting a portrait, starting with natural light" from my training, Photographing High School Senior Portraits with Derrick Story.

The senior portraits title is one of my favorite all-time lynda productions, and I think you'll learn as much from watching the teenagers as you will listening to me. There are a handful of free movies you can view right now.

I enjoy capturing portraits of teens. I hope this information will help facilitate a great time and beautiful images for your shoots too.

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