"Sony Artisan Brian Matiash, Bi-Color LED Lighting" - Photo Podcast 502

Today on The Digital Story Photography Podcast - Interview with Sony Artisan Brian Matiash, Adjustable Color Temperature LED Lighting, and Drone Registration - all of this and more with Derrick Story.

Weekly Update - DP Review reports: FAA reportedly developing mandatory drone registration system: The U.S. government may soon require most drones to be registered, according to the Associated Press. Sources speaking on the matter state the FAA is working with unspecified industry and government officials to create a registration system. While the exact requirements aren't known, it is believed small and toy drones will not require registration.

The registration requirement would help officials track operators who do not follow the appropriate regulations. The FAA reportedly wants the registration requirement implemented before Christmas, as it is anticipated hundreds of thousands of drones will be sold. The FAA is less concerned with lightweight drones that can't fly above a few hundred feet, as they're not as risky as heavier and more powerful drones.

In other news, "Live GIF app easily turns your iPhone's Live Photos into GIFs and videos" Imaging-Resource reports: "Rather than relying on the support of a few social networks, Live GIF lets you easily turn your photo/video hybrid into an animated GIF or video to share with the world across social media.

The process is simple. Open Live GIF, select the Live Photo you want to convert, choose whether you want it as a GIF or video file, and you're done. Saving and sharing is done via iOS' baked-in share sheet."


Story #1 - "Adjustable Color Temperature LED Lighting"

I've been testing the Dracast LED500 Pro Bi-Color LED Light and have found it amazing for my location photo shoot assignments because of its variable color setting from 3200K to 5600K. Here's how it works.

Story #2 - Interview with Sony Artisan Brian Matiash

Brian is an accomplished photographer who now uses Sony mirrorless cameras for his work. In this discussion, we talk about the switch to mirrorless, Sony cameras, and the ever-changing photo industry.

Story #3 - Uploading Directly from Lightroom to Zenfolio

There are two plug-ins available to connect your Lightroom workflow to Zenfolio. The first is ZExport-to-Zenfolio by Jeffrey Friedl and the other is Photo Upload Zenfolio by New P Products, which allows you to upload your photos from either Lightroom's publish services or from the Export window.

There are also connectors for Eye-Fi, Photo Mechanic, and Windows Live Photo Gallery. You can find out more at the Uploading Photos page on zenfolio.com.

Virtual Camera Club News

TDS Workshops 2016

The Reserve List is off to a great start, with the Pt. Reyes National Seashore event garnering the most entries the first week. The August 2016 workshop will be our first visit to this location. If you're looking for a satisfying summer adventure, take a look at the TDS Workshops Page for more information.

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New Title Coming from lynda.com

I'm in the middle of recording Photos for Mac OS X Essential Training, and I think you're going to really like this title. It will be out before the end of 2015. Apple's latest photo management app has more than initially meets the eye. In the meantime, I have Up and Running with Photos for OS X to get you going while I finish the essential training title.

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