Day One - A Journal App for Photographers


When I decided to embark upon The Film Project, I needed an easy way to create journal entries to accompany my analog images. Since I have the iPhone with me at all times, finding an iOS app seemed like the smart way to go. And what a terrific app I found.

Day One for iOS ($4.99) is handsomely designed software that runs on both iPhones and iPads. I can attach an image to the top of the journal entry, write the information that I want to retain, and even have the weather, location, and date automatically recorded.

I can choose to have the entries backed up to my iCloud account where they are synced across all of my devices, including my Mac if I also purchase Day One for Mac OS X ($9.99).

The workflow goes something like this. I shoot the image with my Contax T2 film camera. I then take a second shot with the iPhone 6S. I open Day One on the iPhone, add the iPhone photo to the latest entry, and type all of the information that I want to retain about the analog shot, such as shutter speed, f/stop, exposure compensation, and details about the composition itself.

DayOne-OSX.jpg The same entry on my Mac where I can edit, review, and enhance. All of the changes are pushed back to iCloud and appear on my iOS devices.

Then, when the processed film comes back from the lab, I can match up the journal entries to the prints. Plus, I can compare the differences between how the film interpreted the scene compared to the iPhone. The iPhone lens is 29mm wide while the T2 is a more narrow 38mm. So the journal images have a wider aspect, which I like, because it captures the surrounding story too.

The bottom line is this: If you need a well-designed journal application to accompany your photography work, you'd be hard pressed to find a better fit than Day One.

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