Vello FreeWave Fusion Wireless Flash Trigger Hands On


The Vello FreeWave Fusion Basic Wireless Flash Trigger System for Canon or Nikon cameras provides wireless flash and remote firing at an affordable price. I've been testing the Canon version with my 5D Mark II, using it for both outdoor flash photography and as a handy way to fire the camera from a distance.

The basic features include:

  • Frequency: 433 MHz
  • Flash Triggering Range up to 50'
  • Shutter Triggering Range up to 150'
  • Dual-Function Shutter Release
  • Five-Second Delay Mode on Transmitter
  • Single, Continuous, Bulb, & Timer Modes
  • One 23A & Two AAA Batteries Included

The kit comes with a variety of cables to connect the receiver to your camera. This enables the wireless trigger function.

vello-1.jpg Kit comes with everything you need.

vello-3.jpg System set for off-camera flash.

There is no TTL control, so flashes with manual settings are best for this rig. Both the transmitter and receiver are well designed, easy to operate, and fairly robust. And I think it's particularly cool that you get dual functionality from a single set.

The Vello FreeWave Fusion Basic Wireless Flash Trigger System is on sale for only $29.95 through Dec. 17, 2015 at B&H Photo. After that, it's still quite affordable at $39.95.

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