3 Steps to Creating a B&W in Capture One Pro

Among its many processing skills, Capture One Pro is an excellent B&W converter. And thanks to its built-in presets, you can create a beautiful monochrome in just 3 steps.

Step One - Choose a Preset

Choose your image and go to B&W in the Tool Tabs. It's the icon that's box with a diagonal line through it. The list of presets are listed in the B&W pane.


Mouse over the list to see how the various options affect your image. Choose your favorite.

Step 2 - Fine Tune Exposure, Clarity, and Grain

Once you've applied the preset, fine tune the image using the other tools in the B&W panel. I like the B&W sliders and Clarity. Exposure and Levels are usually helpful too.


Don't forget to add some grain. It's a wonderful effect and adds a little crispness to the image too.

Export to Your Desktop

Now all you have to do is go to File > Export Images > Variants, then set the parameters and click Export 1 Variant. Your B&W photo will be ready to share.


More Capture One Pro Tips

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