Lexar 64GB Pro 1800X UHS-II microSDXC Memory Card Speed Demon


I've been testing the Lexar 64GB Pro 1800X Micro SDXC card in my Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II with terrific results.

"What?" you say. "The OM-D uses regular SD cards, not micros."

And you are right. But the Lexar kit includes a matching pass-through SD card adapter, so I can take advantage of the 1800X card, and just as importantly, its tiny high-performance card reader that takes up virtually no room in my bag.

The bundled card reader is the frosting that makes this cake so sweet. By using it, instead of a regular memory card inserted into my Mac's SD port, I can maximize performance.


For example, yesterday I recorded 1.15 GBs of video with the OM-D using the Lexar 1800X. When I transferred the files via the bundled thumbnail-sized reader, it took 5.16 seconds to copy them to my Mac. Like I said, speedy.

When the microSD isn't in the reader, I keep it in the SD card adapter so I don't lose it. And if I ever need that size for a smaller device, all I have to do is reformat the card, and I'm ready to go.

The Lexar 64GB Pro 1800X Micro SDXC card kit is now available at B&H for $102.84. If you need high performance both at capture and copy, it's worth a look.

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