Become the Master of Your Capture One Image Library

One of the best feelings a photographer can experience is to fire up the computer and quickly find an image from the past. Knowing that you are the master of your image library builds confidence and efficiency.


The first step in Capture One Pro is understanding the difference among the three major sections in the Library pane: Catalog Collections, User Collections, and Folders. Here's a brief explanation of each:

  • Catalog Collections - Controlled by the application using pre-defined filters such as All Images and Recent Imports. This is where your pictures enter the database when imported from a memory card.
  • User Collections - Controlled by you, providing the tools to build a library structure that's consistent with your sense of organization. You can create Groups (that act like folders in Aperture), Projects, and Albums.
  • Folders - Shows the location of your masters, whether they're in the C1 catalog container, or outside the application set up as a referenced catalog.

I've published a short tutorial for organizing the User Collections area of your library. Take a look at One Way to Set Up Your Capture One Library. Following those simple techniques will help you add the structure that you crave for your image library.

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