What Film Camera Would You Buy Today?

Film cameras are far more affordable today than in their heyday. You can purchase now what you only dreamed of in the past.


In my case, I craved the Contax G1 with the Zeiss 28mm, 45mm, and 90mm primes when it was released. I was working for a newspaper then, so that camera was far out of reach. But today, you can buy a G1 for about $150, then shop around for lenses. I finally get to shoot with my dream camera of the past. And it was worth the wait. I'm having a blast with it.

So, my question to you is: what would you buy today? What is that camera from the past that you would have loved to own? If you want to chime in, go to our TDS Facebook page and comment on this story. Or you can send me a tweet @Derrick_Story.

Either way, let me know. I'm going to share the results on next week's TDS Photography Podcast.

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