Affinity Haze Removal Editing Extension - Even for iPhone Shots

If you've purchased the award winning Affinity Photo ($49, Mac App Store), you also received a handful of editing extensions for Photos for OS X, including my favorite, Haze Removal.

I decided to try Haze Removal with an iPhone shot, because, well, I have a lot of those in my Photos library. Here's how it looked. (Check out the difference in the sky.)

Affinity-haze-removal-web.jpg Three adjustment sliders here: Distance, Strength, and Exposure Correction. Also notice that there's a Before/After slider so you can easily check your work.

When you download or upgrade to the latest version, the extensions are automatically loaded on to the Mac. You can turn them on and off in System Preferences > Extensions > Photos. This panel is also available by clicking on More at the bottom of the Extensions popup menu in Photos.

Speaking of editing in Photos, a great shortcut is to click on a picture, then press the Return key to go straight to ending mode. Once you're there, the Extensions button is at the bottom of the list on the right side.

Affinity Photo includes some other helpful editing extensions in the bundle, but Haze Removal is my favorite of the bunch.

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