Home Inventory to Catalog Your Camera Gear

Chances are you've accumulated more camera gear than you realize. A good way to keep track of it is by using home inventory software. There are a variety of options for both Mac and Windows computers. I've been using an app called Home Inventory on my Mac ($24.99), with a companion app called Mobile Backup for the iPhone.


The app is easy to use, and it does a great job of organizing my equipment. I can keep track of serial numbers, the price I paid, condition of the item, and lots more. There's a photo box to add an image (more on that in a moment), and a notes field where I can keep a running commentary on the gear. So if I loan it to someone or sell the item, I can include that information within the record.

One of the fun side benefits of setting up this inventory has been an excuse to practice my product photography. Even though I only include the front facing shot in the inventory record, I shoot the camera from all angles, ala eBay style, and keep those images stored in my Capture One Catalog. It's a good idea to have these images on hand - if I decide that I want to sell any of the pieces for example - and I'm constantly improving my product shots with of this practice.


As for the inventory itself, I have a variety of backup options, including to my Mac, Dropbox, or to the iPhone. The iPhone feature is handy because I can view the entire inventory on my mobile device, which is helpful when I don't have a computer with me (which is a lot of the time.)

Organizing your equipment inventory is one of those off-season projects that you can work o as you have time. That effort provides a little extra insurance if theft or damage befalls your gear. Filing a claim is much easier when you have all of the information at your fingertips. Plus, the product photography aspect of it is just a bonus.

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