First Look: The SpiderLight Hand Strap

Photographers with mirrorless gear haven't had the wide selection of high quality hand straps that their DSLR counterparts have enjoyed. Spider aims to change that with the SpiderLight Hand Strap, just launched on KickStarter.


The SpiderLight Hand Strap is specifically designed for smaller camera bodies like Fuji X-T1, SONY a7's/7II's, and Olympus OMD, just to name a few. It can work with a wide variety of models thanks to the smart adapters included in the kit. Essentially, the adapters provide the correct angle for the grip, overcoming the one-size-fits-all challenge that often leads to a less than perfect fit.


The bottom of the grip is secured via the camera's tripod socket. I think the SpiderLight works best in tandem with a removable plate to hold it in place. If you never use a tripod, then you can use the screw and washer combination that's included in the kit.

The reason why I like the tripod plate better is because the camera sits flat on a table when not mounted on your sticks, thanks to the flatness of most tripod plates. (The SpiderLight screw, that you have to use if you don't have a plate, protrudes a bit from the bottom of the camera.) Plus, you always have a strap attached to the camera when working on a tripod. And the SpiderLight doesn't hang down and get in the way. I think it's a terrific accessory for tripod users.

The strap itself is very comfortable. The lining against your hand is soft, and the strap material appears very durable. The shape of the strap hugs your hand, creating a sense of confidence while shooting. You can choose from a variety of colors for the detail that lines the edges of the SpiderLight.


Currently, you can get one for your mirrorless camera for as little as $30 via their KickStarter. I think the SpiderLight is a wonderful accessory for tripod mounted cameras and for video work. It brings much greater stability to these smaller cameras. It will, however, take up a little more room in the camera bag because of its molded shape. But that's also what helps make it so darn comfortable in use.

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