Debut - Film photography in the digital age

Why would you care about After all, you're perfectly happy with your digital camera. Or are you?


Have you had the sense that your images are all starting to look the same? Or that maybe you've lost your artistic edge as a photographer? I know I was feeling that. So back in December 2015, I took the challenge to start shooting film to see if that approach would elevate the entire body of my work.

And it did. And I began to notice the changes quickly.

I'm not an extremist who advocates that you flush your iPhone down the toilet and ditch your digital on craigslist. In fact, just the opposite. I believe that the integration of analog photography with digital workflows completes us. We now, literally, can choose the right tool for the project at hand.

I have never been happier as a photographer as I am now. I depend on my nimble mirrorless kit to help me publish online and satisfy clients' needs. My iPhone is an invaluable tool that records metadata for the analog shots, and quickly captures and shares images with others. I will never give up my digital cameras.

But exploring life with a film camera in hand on Sunday morning walks, bike rides, and strolls downtown has added an element of excitement and creativity to my work. I feel like a real photographer again. I'm approaching my images in a more thoughtful way. And I love working the controls on the camera.

I believe that the integration of analog and digital photography is the next big step. And I want to do everything that I can to share that journey with you.

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