Fun Accessory: Rogue Indicator Battery Pouch


Battery-toting photographers have a new accessory to help them manage their power: the Rogue Indicator Battery Pouch ($14.95) that houses AAs (8), AAAs (12), or 9V cells (4). The pouch is constructed of durable nylon material with stitched trim. The back side features belt loops and a hanging tab (perfect for light stands) to make accessibility easier during field and studio work.

But my favorite feature are the red & green inserts that you can use to indicate battery charge of the cells in each pouch. Each two-sided insert has green on one side and red on the other. They slide into a little pocket that has a window so you can easily see where the fresh cells are.


When a set is exhausted, just turn the indicator tab over to facing red when you put the batteries back in the pouch. The velcro fasteners secure the flap keeping the contents safe and sound.

The Rogue Indicator Battery Pouch makes a terrific, affordable gift for photographers on the go who want easy access to their portable power.

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