New! Flickr Mobile: Photo Sharing Anywhere

Flickr on the desktop is useful. But firing it up on your iPhone or Android device is a blast! And I show you why in my latest lynda title, Flickr Mobile: Photo Sharing Anywhere.


In this title, you can learn to use the mobile version of Flickr to shoot and enhance photos, share them, and explore photos taken by other community members. The app is available for iOS and Android and offers the same great features as the Flickr website, in a compact form you can take on the go. Here's a overview movie that will show you the highlights.

In all honesty, I think this is one of the most enjoyable titles I've recorded lately. I think you'll really have a good time watching it.

More Flickr Tips and Techniques

Sharing Photos with Flickr is a deep dive into this venerable online photography platform, focusing on how to best use its tools with a Mac or Windows computer. I show you how to configure Flickr to automatically backup your images, organize them, and share your favorites with friends, family, and the entire online universe. This training will show you how to best take advantage of Flickr's 1TB of free online storage and its comprehensive set of imaging tools.

And if you prefer using an iOS or Android device for your Flickr experience, you definitely must take a look at Flickr Mobile: Photo Sharing Anywhere. It's fun and informative.

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