Using Silver Efex Pro as a "plugin" for Capture One

Just because you left Aperture or Lightroom behind, that doesn't mean that you have to abandon your favorite plugins too. I've been using Silver Efex Pro with Capture One, and the two get along just fine. This also works for other apps/plugins too.

What you might not realize is that, even though you've been using Sliver Efex Pro 2 as a plugin, there's an app in your Applications folder: Applications > Nik Collection > Silver Efex Pro Capture One Pro can connect with that app using the Edit With command: Control-Click > Edit With > Silver Efex Pro 2.

01-Edit-With.jpg Start with the Edit With command in Capture One Pro.

Going this route allows you to set up an Edit Recipe, where you can choose between Tiff or Jpeg, color space, resolution, and scale. A new file is created from the original RAW, and it is sent to Silver Efex for work. Here's how to do it.


The Actual Steps

  • In Capture One Pro, start with a RAW file. By doing so, the original image will stay protected.
  • Right-click on the RAW file and select Edit With...
  • Set up the job to your liking, including selecting Silver Efex from the Open With popup menu (see the top illustration). You can choose any of the apps that appear here.
  • Click on the Edit Variant button.
  • Adjust your image in Silver Efex, then click on the Save button.
  • The new Jpeg or Tiff will be returned to your Capture One Pro library.

Tiff-Returned-to-C1P.jpg File retured to Capture One Pro and placed alongside the original.

I've just stared playing with this workflow, so I'm sure there's more to learn. But this should get you pointed in the right direction is you want to continue to use your favorite plugins with Capture One Pro.

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