"Moose Peterson Coffee Break" - Digital Photography Podcast 541

This is The Digital Story Podcast #541, July 17, 2016. Today's theme is "Moose Peterson Coffee Break." I'm Derrick Story.

Opening Monologue

If someone asked you, "What would you rather do this morning... tackle that big writing project you've been procrastinating on, or have Moose Peterson stop by to shoot the breeze?" Well, I can tell you what my answer was... and I turned on the recorder to share the conversation with you. Listen in on today's TDS podcast.

Moose Peterson Coffee Break

When Brad Pitt has a new movie out, chances are good that he'll make an appearance with Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show. And when Moose Peterson is in town putting the finishing touches on his new MP Backpack Series for MindShift Gear, the odds are I can get him to come by my studio for a morning chat. After all, I'm only about 5 minutes away from Think Tank Photo headquarters.

Derrick-Moose.jpg Derrick Story and Moose Peterson, photo by Sharon Peterson.

So sure enough, both Moose and his wife Sharon joined me for coffee recently. We sat around the big table here at the studio, and I fired up the audio recorder and just set it in the middle of all of us. I wanted you to be able to listen in just like you were here with us.

Moose has this terrific new backpack that's a collaboration between the Petersons and MindShift Gear. It was just announced yesterday, so I thought you might enjoy hearing about it directly from the Moose's mouth. So here we go.

In the News

Lightroom Mobile 2.4 is Wildly Impressive via The Digital Story.

The other exciting recent announcement, in my opinion, was Lightroom Mobile 2.4 for both iOS and Android. The releases are a bit different, and on the iOS side, we now get RAW editing and localized adjustments.

So I put this new version through its paces, and share my impressions with you.

The Second Episode of Nimble Photographer Podcast is Now Live

One of my favorite shows of the first season, "Baggage" is now live for our Patreon members. In this episode, I read and discuss four different stories that relate to our camera bags. And thanks to all of our new Patreon supporters who signed up this week.

Real Camera Stores

I've started this series on theAnalogstory.com called Real Camera Stores. If you haven't read any of them yet, you might want to click on the link. But more importantly, if you have a real camera store that you want to share with the world, I'd love to hear about it. Just send me the scoop, with a photo if you can, to theAnalogstory@gmail.com.

Updates and Such

Just Released!: The Apple Photos Book for Photographers

You can get your eBook copy of The Apple Photos Book for Photographers for $15 by using the checkout coupon: APPLE15. That saves your 5$ off the price.

And finally, be sure to visit our friends at Red River Paper for all of your inkjet supply needs.

See you next week!

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