Maximizing Impact with the Priime Styles Editing Extension

I've been working with the Priime Styles editing extension for Photos for macOS. I've applied its filters to my iPhone Jpegs and RAWs from my Micro Four Thirds cameras, and I've had some excellent results.

BTW: Priime Styles works for Lightroom users too. So if you're not into Photos, then still read on...

The iPhone workflow is straightforward. You open the image in Priime, choose from their vast array of professional filters, and save. But in order to get the most out of the RAW workflow, I have a few tips.

edit-raw-first.jpg Duplicate your RAW file in Photos, then edit it using native tools first. Images by Derrick Story.

Duplicate Your RAW and Edit First

Priime Styles can import your RAW file, but it returns a Jpeg to your Photos library. My recommendation is to duplicate the RAW in Photos, then apply your basic adjustments while it's still in the RAW state. This gives you much better control over recovering highlights and opening up shadows.

Send Edited RAW to Priime Styles

Once your RAW has received its basic adjustments, you can send it over to Priime Styles for finishing. There are lots of filters to choose from. And this part of the process is really fun. All you have to do is click on the thumbnail to apply a filter.

apply-filter-social-version.jpg Load the edited RAW file into Priime Styles and apply your favorite filter.

Now click the Save Changes button, and a Jpeg will be returned to your Photos library, right next to the original RAW. You have all of the standard options at this point, such as viewing the master (press the M key) or reverting to the original RAW file.


When working in Priime Styles, I like to start with the Explore button to view thumbnails of all the possibilities for my image. Once I choose a filter, I generally use the strength slider to adjust the intensity. You have two different comparison buttons so you can really get a feel for the before and after. This editing extension is very easy to use, and it provides a wealth of options for your pictures.

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