Camera LCDs Do Come In Handy

Generally speaking, I prefer the electronic viewfinders for composing shots. But there are times when the LCDs allow me to capture an image I would otherwise miss.

P8150011-TG4.jpg "Kitty on Upside Down Pot" by Derrick Story.

Parades and events when I need to hold the camera high over my head are the most common situations for LCD framing. But I encountered another scenario the other day where this technique came in handy.

There's a black kitten that loves to play in porch area at my studio. The other day he exhausted himself batting around a seed pod, and jumped up on this turned over pot for a break. I want to photograph him without scaring him off.

So I stood behind the wall inside the studio, next to my screen door, and extended the camera out behind the screen to take the picture. The kitten was fascinated by the appearance of my red TG-4 and a hand, but nothing more. I sure it was oddly entertaining for him.

I was able to see the LCD screen well enough to frame the shot and take the picture. The mesh screen door provided a bit of diffusion, and the light was pretty good. I would have never captured this shot if I had to stand there with a camera to my face looking through a viewfinder. That cat would have been long gone...

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