Another RAW+Jpeg Benefit - Lens Corrections

While in tropical locations, I like shooting with the Olympus TG-4 because it captures great images and it's waterproof. Plus it records RAW as well as high quality Jpegs. And I typically have it set for both.

maui-parasailing-web.jpg Shooting wide during this parasailing adventure showed a real difference between the RAW and Jpeg files. Captured with an Olympus TG-4, Maui, UFO Parasailing company. Photo by Derrick Story.

The Jpegs are perfect for sending to my iPhone via WiFi, then uploading to Instagram, Photos for iOS, Facebook and more. RAWs are the ultimate safety net for special images that I want just right.

Scrubbing through the library in Capture One Pro last night, I noticed another difference between the two formats: lens corrections. The Jpegs and RAWs rendered differently for many of the shots. Tone, color, and yes, lens corrections were applied to the Jpegs. I hadn't realized that this was part of the secret sauce, but the difference was quite noticeable on many of the frames.

Yes, I can correct the RAWs to my specific tastes in Capture One or Lightroom. But for quick sharing, it's nice to know that yet another benefit of Jpegs, on some cameras, is lens corrections too.

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