Dropbox for Photographers 2016

Now that we're in the post Carousel era, how does Dropbox stack up for photographers? To be honest, quite well actually. In some ways, the tools seem more integrated now that we don't have to jump back and forth between applications.

In my latest title for lynda.com, Dropbox for Photographers 2016, I show you how to tap the photo capabilities of this cloud-based service across all of your devices, regardless if you're using Mac, Windows, iOS, or Android.


You can enable automated backups, create password-enabled galleries, comment on photos as part of a review process, and more... all with built-in Dropbox tools, and with a service that you may already be using for your everyday work. Here's a video overview of some of these highlights.

Dropbox users who enjoy photography will get a lot out of this course. Or if you just want to learn more about some of the cool things that Dropbox can do, then watch the free movies and see what you think.

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