Export from Lightroom to Dropbox with No Plugins

Thanks to Finder integration, you can set up an Export Preset in Lightroom that sends images directly to a selected location inside your Dropbox. Once they arrive, those pictures are available on all of your connected devices and computers. Here's a short movie on how to set this up.

I've created landing folders in my Dropbox for Lightroom, Capture One Pro, and Photos for macOS. When I'm working in Lightroom, I send the image to the established folder, and it's easy to find when I need it.


This process couldn't be easier. And you don't need any special plugins. Just make sure that Dropbox is loaded on your Mac or Windows computer, then follow the steps in the above video.

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Dropbox users who enjoy photography will get a lot out of my latest lynda title, Dropbox for Photographers 2016. Or if you just want to learn more about some of the cool things that Dropbox can do, then watch the free movies and see what you think.

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