Considering Last Year's Model

Fresh off the heels of Photokina, and with Photo Plus just ahead, there are many tempting new cameras available for enthusiasts. The question is, do you go new, or with last year's model?


Take the Fujifilm X-T1 vs the Fujifilm X-T2. The XT-1 is available now, brand new in the box with warranty, for $899, while the just announced XT-2 is selling for $1,599. That $700 difference could land you a top notch lens that will last for years.

If you look at key differences, it's true, there are many. The question is, however, how important are they to your work. Both cameras are top notch, weather-resistant wonders. The XT-2 has a 24MP sensor, 4K video capture, improved autofocus, and some nice design tweaks. Compared to the XT-1's 16MP sensor with a bit slower performance and lower video capture resolution, Fuji really did make some improvements with the XT-2.

This is the point where you have to step back and think analytically. "What is the net gain for my photography?" I'm not automatically advocating that you go with the XT-1 or the XT-2. What I am suggesting is that you ask the question.

In some instances, I think the answer is easier than in others. If a key feature that you need is substantially improved, then the latest model makes total sense. But if you don't shoot video, and don't require the swifter autofocus, is the 16MP XT-1 a great fit?

What I do know is that there is this golden opportunity right when the new model is available and there's inventory of the older model in unopened boxes. In all honestly, we really can't lose here.

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