Connect an Olympus Camera Wirelessly to a Mac?


One of Phil Schiller's justifications for removing the SD card slot from the latest MacBook Pro laptops was that there are wireless options for photographers to use instead. I was curious about these alternatives, so decided to do a little investigation.

What I discovered is that there are practically no wireless options for my Olympus cameras. The one method I found is wholly unsatisfying, but I will share it with you nonetheless.

  • Enable WiFi on your Olympus camera.
  • Connect to the camera's network on your Mac.
  • Open your web browser and type - then hit return.
  • Click on the 100OLYMP button to reveal your thumbnails.


You will be able to see both Jpegs and RAW files, but you will not be able to execute a batch download. Instead, you can double-click on each Jpeg thumbnail individually, wait for it to download, then save that image to your desktop or application. This procedure will not work for RAW files.


In my opinion, this is hardly a robust solution. At best, you can grab a Jpeg or two in a pinch.

I checked the Mac App Store for software that might enhance this procedure. But I could not find anything. So I'm putting this out to our community. Is there software that will allow me to download wirelessly from my Olympus camera? And is it robust enough to replace the SD card slot?

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